The EDGE: Elmore County's Diverse Gateway to Education

Edgenuity partners with schools and districts to bring a world-class learning experience to classrooms using cutting-edge digital tools and research-backed instructional strategies. Edgenuity’s online curriculum and learning solutions are designed to support all educators and students to meet the unique needs of any school, classroom, and student.

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Is EDGE Virtual Cognia Accredited School open to students outside the Elmore County School District?
EDGE Virtual Cognia Accredited School is open to all students in Alabama.  Parents will be responsible for transporting students to Elmore County for course mid-terms, finals, and mandatory state testing.

What grades does the EDGE Cognia Accredited Virtual School serve?
The EDGE serves students in grades K-12.

Can my child participate in athletics while enrolled in EDGE?
Learn more about athletic opportunities here.

Is the EDGE Virtual School Accredited?
Yes, the EDGE School is nationally accredited through Cognia, ensuring students will receive a high standard of education while enrolled in the program.

Are there extra-curricular activities available to my student with EDGE Virtual Cognia Accredited School?
Students may participate in career tech electives at the Elmore County Technical Center, and in base school extra-curricular activities such as, band, drama, and chorus, with approval.
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Cindy Hines, Virtual Cognia Accredited School/Supervisor 334-514-3931 Ex. 27001
Amy Albritton, Registrar, 334-514-3931 Ex. 27050

The EDGE is a tuition–free K–12th grade online public school option open to Alabama state residents who are willing to travel to Elmore County for required exams and mandatory state testing.

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